Rabo Vastgoedgroep & Nevatech Sentinet


Securely managed services 


About Rabo Real Estate Group

The Rabo Real Estate Group is one of the largest integrated real estate companies in Europe, with prominent market positions in the Netherlands, Germany and France. Together with the network of local Rabobanks, Rabo Real Estate Group is firmly established in the Dutch society. Rabo Real Estate Group is the real estate expertise center of Rabobank Group consisting of Building Fund Property Development, MAB Development, FGH Bank, Building Fund Investment Management and Fund Management Netherlands. Jan Boersma – Information Architect at Rabo Real Estate Group and Jaap Okken – Applications Manager were involved in the project from the start and helped with this case.


Flexible e-Business architecture

In 2008 started the establishment of the Rabo Real Estate Group‘s e-business architecture it still has today. It then used UAG (Unified Access Gateway) from Microsoft for accessing and securing services. The vision that Rabo Real Estate Group had for its future and its plans for the IT architecture, were not feasible with UAG. Rabo Real Estate Group wanted to unlock data via secure web services on several websites, such as svn.nl and mijnhuis.nl. Another problem was the ability to connect these services to the Cloud. In the new situation Rabo Real Estate Group would also want to separate internal and external data streams (Sharepoint intranet and extranet). They went looking for a solution that was flexible enough to satisfy the demands, but also ensured safety and manageability of the platform.


Enable-U | Rabo real Estate Group and Sentinet platform


Sentinet as secure and manageable platform

In their search for a Microsoft friendly alternative, Rabo Real Estate Group came into contact with Enable-U. In the decision to implement Nevatech Sentinet, the size of the necessary investment and easy management of the solution played a decisive role. The security manager had an important wish for the new solution; user management had to be managed internally. The Rabo Real Estate Group achieved this by using multiple web services, which they built themselves in Sentinet. The solution is a web service which can invoke data with an unequivocal call without it being able to access redundant data. ADFS is use to settle that a claim must be in place to be able to invoke data, making the solution quite safe. In the experience of Rabo Real Estate Group the learning curve for Sentinet is steep, but the advantage however, is that once you pass the first and hardest trial the rest is mere repetition.
Rabo Real Estate Group achieved a number of connections since the implementation of the platform, such as the connection with the Government Department for Cultural Heritage (RCE). The RCE collaborates with the department responsible for managing monumental grants in Rabo Real Estate Group. They have organized the process in such a way that paper is eliminated in the process of monitoring grant and customer applications and / or statuses. The beauty of this connection, according to Jan Boersma, is that a strictly Microsoft (Rabo) environment is connected to the Open Source / Java environment of RCE.


Simple & Secure

One of the key results for Rabo Real Estate Group is the simple and secure management of services. Before the choice for Sentinet was made Boersma had developed a business case. He said that, one year later, almost all the expectations he had have been met. The solution was proven safe and easily manageable and transparent in its costs.