Enable-U Digikoppeling

Holland’s favorite ‘Digikoppeling’

The Enable-U Digikoppeling enables government organizations to easily, transparently, reliably and securely exchange information. The Enable-U Digikoppeling enables to connect to the Environmental Compliance Office Online (OLO), the national facility property tax, MijnOverheid.nl (Current Affairs and Message Box), BAG, Digimelding, Digi Supply, Message box answer for companies, Digipoort and e-Invoicing. The Enable-U solution has been adopted by dozens of municipalities, the provinces, water authorities, ministries and the Information Exchange Crisis.

Enable-U | Digikoppeling

Enable-U Digikoppeling is a solution designed specifically for the Dutch government. Click here for more information in Dutch.

This solution is part of the Enable-U 2Govern Suite