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Manage Change With APIs

Traditionally, business partners and customers interacted with the enterprise via browsers or directly through integrated processes. In today’s world an increasing number of B2C and B2B interactions occurin app on a growing variety of connected devices.

“The rise of the mobile Internet, its impact on connected consumers and the Internet of Things will permanently shift organizations’ definitions of industry boundaries and markets.”

Gartner, 2013

 Exposing your API’s (or business functions) allows you to create new opportunities for your clients, partners and third-party developers. In addition, it allows your business to stay relevant in the API Economy. By embedding your API’s, third-party developers and partners are able to create new innovative applications. Enable-U provides the API Management platform to expose your business functions easily and secure.

Amplify your business

API’s offer endless opportunities to utilise the full potential of your organisation.

  • Create value for partners by empowering developers to build against your API’s
  • Efficiently expose business functionality to a large community of external developers that create innovative apps with your APIs
  • Expand the eco-system, increase retention and drive-up the value of your platform
  • Create new revenue streams by monetising your platform using APIs
  • Create new business generating channels on various platforms and devices
  • Expand your reach among consumers and partners through an omni-channel presence.
  • Create applications for emerging platforms and devices, such as Mobile, Internet of Things and the Cloud.

API Management Suite

However, to make API information sharing safe, reliable and cost-effective, enterprises must deal with critical challenges regarding security, performance management and data adaptation.

Enable-U uses Layer 7’s API Management Suite, which allows enterprises to address these challenges in a timely manner. The API Management Suite combines advanced functionality for backend integration, mobile optimisation, cloud orchestration and developer management. It is unique in its ability to address the full array of enterprise API Management challenges.

Expose API’s in 4 days

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