Enable-U 2SEEEnable-U 2See is the Service Registry that gives you insight and control over your building blocks regarding information flows and their interdependencies within your IT architecture.

The Challenge

Everything is connected to everything. Thanks to advancing integration technology and adoption of the SOA principles, more and more business processes are using common services as their building blocks. However, all these dependencies lead to more complex projects;
life cycle management of the services becomes very business critical and very difficult at the same time. The result may be that you are actually losing flexibility and agility.

The ability to control and manage all your (re-)used services is key to the future success of your integration and SOA initiatives. This will become even more important when services are external like Cloud services. Overview and proper management of all connections and interdependencies are getting more complex, and also more important.

 Often Excel spread sheets are used to create an overview of the situation. These are often incomplete, unclear, difficult to maintain, difficult to share, and not a true reflection of reality. Enable-U 2See empowers you to get the grip and clear overview that is critical to your success.

Enable-U | 2see

The solution

Enable-U 2See is the user-friendly and complete Service Registry. All existing interfaces, web services, broker / ESB processes, PKI certificates, and documentation are registered in E2See, making usage, interdependencies and ownership transparent and manageable.

Features of Enable-U 2See


  • Is a web-based application that is simple to deploy and easy to use.
  • Structures information on Web services, PKI certificates, applications, processes, projects and all relationships.
  • Presents simple visualizations of the impact analysis.
  • Provides a business view and a technical view.
  • Predefined or custom categories to classify your services, applications, business processes, projects and contracts
  • Intuitive user interface
  • Strong search functionality.
  • A simple, user-friendly web interface.
  • SLA / Contract management between providers and users.
  • Digital PKI certificate management.
  • Email notifications alerts when PKI certificates are about to expire.
  • Compatible with integration platforms.
  • Visualize relationships and interdependencies for impact analysis
  • Delivery from the cloud (ASP or SaaS) or as a standalone solution.
  • Seamless integration with Enable-U 2Secure and Enable-U API Management, making it possible to perform runtime monitoring and security policy enforcement on Web services.

This solution is part of the  Enable-U 2Govern Suite and the Enable-U2Integrate Suite

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