Enable-U 2SECUREEnable-U 2Secure protects the service layer in the IT architecture. It is an important component for any organization that wants to guarantee privacy and security of all systems unambiguously. With Enable-U 2Secure policies can be easily defined and enforced. The information flow is optimally protected between internal systems, but also externally to third parties such as partners.

The challenge

More and more, communicating with your customers requires access to data from basic records, data warehouses and back office applications. Additonally, consumers want to use the device of their preference (i.e. smart phone, tablet, PC) to interact with your brand. Keeping all of these connections and data flows secure can be quite challenging.

Enable-U 2Secure provides secure and controlled access to data and functionality in the IT infrastructure.


The solution

Enable-U 2Secure as a smart and implacable gatekeeper for web services of mid- and back-office applications, and even in the Cloud. Protect and monitor all services and data access in one place. Define and enfore rules for using services in the Service Registry (eg. Enable-U 2See) of Enable-U 2Secure. Enable-U 2Secure ensures a clear architecture and unambiguous management. Enable-U 2Secure is available in JAVA (powered by CA) and MICROSOFT (powered by Nevatech). Both excel in usability and robustness.

Features Enable-U 2Secure

  • Simple and clear management and protection of web services.
  • The ability to virtualize Web services, thus blocking any direct access to a service.
  • Safe provisioning of existing services through new channels (mobile devices, web services, REST).
  • Validation of messages, including standard XML scheme validation.
  • Adding / checking PKI certificates, SAML tokens, User ID / passwords to messages.
  • Load balancing and failover.
  • The ability to compose multiple services into one new virtual service.
  • Data exchange based on WUS, TCP / IP, HTTP / S, WS-Addressing, WS-Policy, WS-Security JMS, RPC Services, WCF Services, REST Services, Java and .Net Services, SOAP 1.x, SAML, PKI tokens, LDAP.
  • DigiD and eHerkenning modules.
  • Receive notifications a Web service fails or access to a service is denied.
  • Seamless integration with Enable-U 2See and Enable-U API Management.
  • Monitor the use of services.

This solution is part of the Enable-U 2Govern Suite and the Enable-U2Integrate Suite

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