Enable-U 2PERFORMApplication Performance Management

When software defines the enterprise, performance separates the industry leaders from the laggards. Enable-U 2Perform is the application performance management solution that enables you to exceed user expectations and become a leader in your branche.

Performance is the common denominator for every application, every technology, every organization. Get it right, and your applications run fast, flawlessly and without interruption or loss of transactions. Our tailored solution ensures success for any situation, role, industry or environment. No matter what systems or technologies you’re using to run your applications and serve your users, Enable-U 2Perform makes sure they’re all performing at their best.

How it works

Auto-discover and monitor end-to-end business transaction performance, with Transaction Tag and Follow

  • Automatically discover application topology and interdependencies, and trace key business transactions based on production application behavior
  • Visualize and prioritize the end to end business transactions performance and not just the health of the application and infrastructure nodes

Monitor any production app within minutes

  • Leverage Automated Code Instrumentation plus a simple config change to start monitoring any app within minutes
  • No code changes necessary that take the app back to development phase
  • Monitor the app even when you don’t have its source code

Monitor production apps at code-level depth with no overhead

  • Leverage Automated Code Instrumentation out of the box to enable in-depth monitoring of production apps without making code changes
  • Monitor every transaction but intelligently capture details of only the anomalous transactions, making the platform scale to meet the demands of large enterprises

Let self-learning algorithms dynamically compute optimal app performance

  • Allow the ultra-scalable sophisticated self-learning platform to analyze large volumes of actual application performance data and detect anomalies
  • Replace static thresholds with automated dynamic baselining to take the guesswork out of defining optimal performance

Resolve application issues quickly for exceptional end-user experience

  • Lower response times to alerts by subscribing to push notifications via the companion iOS app
  • Leverage the DevOps Virtual War Room capability to enable everyone to collaborate and troubleshoot while sharing the same performance data
  • Avoid tedious manual steps with Runbook Automation by automatically capturing snapshots and resolving performance issues as they are developing

See everything with the industry’s broadest coverage of languages and technologies

  • Cover all popular programming languages and frameworks including Java, .NET, Node.js, PHP, and C/C++ (Beta)
  • Cover most complex enterprise platforms and solutions such as JMS, queuing technologies, TIBCO, WebMethods, etc.

This solution is part of the Enable-U 2Govern Suite and Enable-U2Integrate Suite

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