Enable-U 2OrchestrateOrganizations often face integration challanges when they want to exchange information between applications internally, externally with their partners (suppliers, cusomters) or cloud providers. Most application vendors deliver standard interfaces based on Web Services. However these interfaces never match each other exactly which result in a lot of customization work and lengthy implementations cycles, furthermore dependencies with your application vendors remain.

The solution

Enable-U 2Orchestrate helps you to orchestrate information flows, while maintaining grip on interdependencies and security issues. Our solution is powered by Adeptia’s Integration Suite, which allows organizations to benefit from the operational efficiencies made possibible by business processes mangement and integration with the value chain. The Adeptia Integration Suite  is an integrated BPM and integration solution which at the core receives messages and delivers them in the correct format (possibly after transformation) at the right time via the right route (eg, first along a business system) to the right application. This creates a high degree of flexibility with the various systems, applications, file formats and transport protocols. With its integrated BPM layer business processes can be designed on top of this integration infrastructure and being automated. The Adeptia Integration Server is available over the cloud or on-premise and is at the forefront when it comes to supporting new standards which makes it a safe and future-proof investment. The Adeptia Integration Suite removes barriers to entry that prevent companies from leveraging BPM and SOA. The technology is in use to automate important business processes in different organizations like  Daimler Chrysler, Pepsi, General Motors (U.S.) and The Clock Logistics,’s-Hertogenbosch (NL), AutoScout24 (DE) and many others.

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Benefits of Adeptia’s technology for its customers include:

  • Powerful BPM functionality to manage, automate and optimize business processes
  • Allows business users and IT to collaborate
  • Flexible deployment options – Run it in the cloud or install it in-house
  • Completely web-based interface, no need for any client side software tools
  • Based on open-standards such as Java, XML and Web Services Excellent ease-of-use
  • Nominal training requirements
  • Rapid deployment
  • Scalability up/down supply chains
  • Highly cost-effective and subcription pricing removes need for upfront commitment
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This solution is part of the Enable-U 2Govern Suite and the Enable-U2Integrate Suite

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