Enable-U 2DEPLOY

TIBCO Business Works© and TIBCO Active Matrix Service Grid© provide enterprises with an ESB platform that address all aspects of SOA architecture. Both products rely on correct configuration to deliver complex functionality in the most flexible way. Strong change control and deployment processes are required to manage the configuration and ensure smooth deployment and transition of services through their lifecycle.

None of these services work in isolation. They depend on messaging infrastructure, databases and files and folders. Not only does the environment require to be fully deployed with all dependencies taken care of but also stay in sync with the changes in services. Deploying all aspects of a SOA application- from services through, messaging infrastructure, databases to flat files require plethora of skills. These skills are usually provided by a number of resources as people vary rarely specialise in all areas at the same time. Variety of skills means that the deployment team grows in numbers and maintaining it becomes very costly. Manual management of various dependencies adds to complexity and slows down deployments. As a result provisioning of a new environment is time-consuming and often punctuated with errors.

No matter how agile the development process is, how extremely skilful developers are and how easy to use TIBCO platform is deployment might cause the whole development lifecycle to slow down. Delivering new functionality and fixing bugs in existing services could become as tedious and laborious as managing a huge monolithic application with countless dependencies

The solution

The new Enable-U 2Deploy product is the logical result of many years of experience on TIBCO© projects working at different stages of service lifecycle- from concept and design to build, test and operate. It provides complete control over every aspect of TIBCO© environment and a truly integrated deployment of TIBCO© services and their various dependencies.

It also provides a single set of commands abstracting product specific ones and therefore offering a consistent way to manage all project artefacts.

Enable-U 2Deploy deployments are fully automated and do not require operator’s assistance. They fit perfectly into continues integration process. In many cases continues integration is not an option due to long release times. Enable-U 2Deploy makes continues integration a reality even for very complex integration/SOA projects.

Enable-U 2Deploy dramatically decreases deployment time from days to minutes. Limiting operator’s input to minimum reduces the risk of deployment errors and makes the whole process more stable, efficient and repeatable.

Enable-U 2Deploy is based on industry leading SOA governance product TIBCO Lifecycle Governance Framework©  or HP SOA Systinet. A set of new artefacts in the data model provide complete management solution for TIBCO© configuration data. The actual deployments are powered by Release Butler© which is fully integrated with HP SOA Systinet and TIBCO Lifecycle Governance Framework©.

Enable-U 2Deploy solution overview


The following video demonstrates Enable-U 2Deploy

This solution is part of the Enable-U 2Integrate Suite

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