ENABLE-U DIGI_D&EHERKKENINGModule for DigiD and eHerkenning
Digitizing fast, easy and safe!

Municipalities and government agencies are digitizing their services. With DigiD for citizens and eRecognition for businesses this process is being made more efficiently. Would you:

service citizens and businesses in an optimal way?
Know who you are doing business with and if this personĀ is authorized to do so?
provide secure access to your data?
controlled unlocking information?
additional functionalities and get benefits?

Choose the generic DigiD- and eHerkenningsmodules of Enable-U 2Secure! Because thus simplifies, secures and organizes your access to the digital service. And you get a grip on electronic communication and information flows.

Grim gatekeeper

The DigiD- and eRecognition-modules are a part of Enable-U 2Secure. That’s a smart gatekeeper communications and data flows protects against misuse, by:

access rules to define and enforce
messaging to monitor and assess
Safe, versatile, progressive

The Enable-U modules for interfacing with DigiD and eHerkenning conform to the agreement with the KING (Quality Institute of Dutch Municipalities). They meet all requirements of DigiD 4.0: SAML, PKIoverheid certificates, two-way TLS, signing XML messages, … They are based on the proven standard of CA Technologies Layer 7 API proxy gateway. And compatible with new channels and mobile devices: web forms, smartphones, iPads, cloud applications, …

Vital link

To connect to eHerkenning you knock at one of the six recognized eHerkenningsmakelaars. In addition, you also need an agent such as Enable-U 2Secure. This is an application service providers and their customers associate with identity providers as DigiD, eHerkenning and eID. A crucial link between the ICT infrastructure of governments and the person or organization whose information is disclosed.

Safe, versatile and highly performing

The DigiD- and eHerkenningsmodules of Enable-U 2Secure excel in safety, performance and versatility.


superior safety requirements for authorization and authentication (username and password to PKIoverheid certificate)
based on proven standards (CA Layer 7 API, best XML security gateway)
effective protection against hackers and cyber attacks

easy to expand
single sign-on within your own domain (various desks) and other organizations
equipped with SAML module (required for 4.0 DigiD, DigiD and empower eRecognition)
linking of existing services to mobile applications and cloud services

many opportunities for auditing and logging
simple reporting
composition of multiple services into a single virtual service
Support interfaces with government applications
Expandable with new eID parts