Implementing governance, a hard and tedious job?

In enterprises driven by software it is a challenge to get a handle on the complete set of services, API’s and their related metadata. These enterprises need governance to manage their lifecycles without adding complexity to the manageability of the infrastructure.


Implementing governance can be a hard and tedious job to do. Especially, when existing solutions require a lot of manual input and maintenance, which take up a lot of time if done correctly. Time pressure on IT projects is often the reason why governance is overlooked or given a lower priority, resulting in a platform with inconsistent data. With Enable-U 2Discover you are guaranteed the complete and actual set of services and related data.

•    enables them to quickly find relevant information, and
•    enables them to easily share that information with other users.


Lifecycle Governance & Automated Service Discovery

Lifecycle Governance is a powerful functionality which ensures that all necessary requirements and quality standards have been met for all of your services. With automated discovery all service details including lifecycle stage are automatically captured from the actual runtime environment and reflected in the governance platform. Combining these functions creates an even more powerful platform for enhanced governance through automated lifecycle governance. This allows you to reflect the complete set and actual condition of every service and API that is running in your DTAP environments on a single platform and automatically enforce governance protocols accordingly.
Enable-U has combined automated discovery of services and API’s with automated lifecycle governance in a new solution named Enable-U 2Discover


How it works

With automated discovery by Enable-U 2Discover all service details – including its lifecycle stage – are automatically captured from the actual runtime environment and reflected in the governance platform. This means that our platform represents the actual condition of all services and API’s that are running in the different (DTAP) environments. Duplicates are tracked easily and services, which you probably never knew existed, are found. This improves insight and control to a great extend without any manual action required. As part of governance impact management, lifecycle management and compliance will be applied on all services and API’s. Allowing you to not only improve quality and compliance, but also the adoption and alignment of governance in your organization.


Enable-U |2discover





Automated lifecycle governance (high level conceptual overview)



  • Combine Enable-U 2Discover with Enable-U 2Deploy to achieve full-automated governance of your services, API’s and related metadata.
  • Enable-U 2Discover incorporates services in the different (DTAP) environments and lifecycle management platform.
  • Enable-U 2Discover currently supports HP Systinet and TIBCO Lifecycle Governance Framework.
  • Supported out of the box run-time integration platforms include Tibco AMX and BW, SAP Netweaver and IBM Integration Bus and Datapower XI.
  • Enable-U 2Discover is scalable; the framework can be easily adapted to any platform providing it has the possibility to read services.


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