IceMobile & CA API Gateway

ICEMOBILE_large ‘IceMobile reduces deployment time because CA API Gateway’

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IceMobile helps leading food retailers all over the world to increase turnover and reach more shoppers. In 2002 Ralph Cohen turned this former creative agency into the company it is today, after he recognized the potential of mobile devices to increase customer engagement, loyalty and ultimately the total constomer spend.

IceMobile has had many conversations with retailers about their product Bright Stamps. They concluded that, despite receiving enthusiastic reactions on adding the Bright Stamps to the retailer’s loyalty programs, the legacy IT systems of the retailer was often a threshold. In order to solve this IceMobile opted for the CA API Gateway, using CA’s local partner in the Netherlands: Enable-U.

We supported IceMobile with the first project, but his team implemented the continuation of projects without our help. That’s a sign of a good product.” | Kees Neven, co-founder and Managing Partner of Enable-U