Solutions for Dutch Governmental institutions

Enable-U 2Govern suite


Enable-U 2Govern for government organizations and cooperating parties, coexists with a clear vision and directly applicable knowledge also of a number of functional generic components to improve the ICT architecture. These components form a product portfolio that local governments and helps directly to solve specific problems, but also generic components for the architecture of the future. Each initial investment will pay for itself many times in the future.
ICT Architectuur voor lokale overhedenThe Enable-U 2Govern products are all based on technology that is modern architecture and has already more than proven internationally. As a result, it is always a question of mature, strong products, for which further development is also guaranteed. The products can be used independently of each other, but, moreover, perfectly on each other so that they can reinforce each other added value.

The Enable-U 2Govern SuiteĀ consists of