Enabling Omni-Channel E-commerce

Omni-channel = connectivity

E-Commerce is moving past the browser. Retailers and e-tailers alike want to give customers an immersive shopping experience across web, mobile and social media channels. These experiences will be location-specific and contextualized to each shopper’s identity and buying history. This requires integration with not only the customers that are using these channels but also with suppliers, such as payment and logistic providers, and your own Product & Pricing Database systems.
Beside the basic question of how to connect your web shop with a supplier database, or from a supplier’s perspective how to connect their database to hundreds or thousands of web shops, there are security and manageability risks that tend to be overlooked. Enable-U offers solutions to integrate with partners and manage services securely and easily based on a no-coding principle.




Managing interdependencies in the architecture

Runtime delays in your web shop or e-commerce app will directly impact your revenue. The increase of internal and external connections in the architecture make it more complex to manage the performance of your own channels. Delays in your supplier’s system will almost inevitably effect the performance of your own system. Let alone when one of your supplier’s system fails. How do you manage these dependencies and how do you manage and guarantee the quality of your service?
With our unique solutions for commercial enterprises, including sector-specific solutions for Telecom, Finance and E-commerce, Enable-U drives business innovation. We help enterprises tackle complex integration problems related to management and security of services and applications in on-premises, hybrid and cloud environments.


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