EDSN and energy network providers offer controlled access to energy data 



Generic access point will make the energy market more future-proof and provide the consumer control over own energy data.


Response to increasing need for data

Given the changes of the European energy market, sufficient access to data is crucial. Exchange of data is required to link boarder crossing networks and to serve the demands of  emerging new market needs. The Dutch network operators and EDSN are going to meet these expectations, within legal references. To do this in a safe, reliable and efficient way, they have decided to develop one generic access point for secure access to energy data.


EDSN develops the generic data access point with Enable U as integration partner. The  selection is the result of a successful European tender. To rapidly respond to needs of the market, EDSN the EDSN team is supported by Enable U consultants for the management of the data access point. Thanks to this set up EDSN is able to stay even more viable in the dynamic energy market.

Consumer in control

An important subject of the integration of the European energy market is to give consumers  control over their own energy data: they should be empowered to decide with whom their data is shared and for what cause. EDSN and the Dutch energy providers will develop an admission platform, that will enable the consumer themselves to assign who gets access to the data. The generic access point will be enabling this. The generic access point will go live in early 2019.

Enable-U provides more control over digital information flows.

Business processes include functions performed by people, systems, internal and external organizations. Among those features digital informationis flowing increasingly. It is therefore important that the flow of digital information fits everywhere, is well-controlled and is well secured. More and more organizations are being assisted by the software components and are addressing Enable-U.

Business processes extend beyond the boundaries of systems and organizations into the cloud. All interactions are becoming increasingly complex due to the field of process automation, management, security, change management etc.

Enable-U gives grip to the new challenges that arise in a world full of interaction between systems overview, security, change management, structuring while maintaining flexibility and so on. Knowledge and practical experience will be used to make effective use of reusable components within the integrated IT architecture.

More and more organizations choose Enable-U as a knowledge partner to implement governance within service-oriented IT architectures. Enable-U provides its services and products with a team of highly qualified professionals. The knowledge and experience of Enable-U in many projects is beaten down in the ‘Enable-U WELL’ methodology, with which you will be able to move forward quickly and pragmatically make great strides toward a structurally better IT archictecture.

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Quality, performance and speed are important features of our method. We provide this among others for:

Enable-U also provides extensive professional knowledge in the field of automation within local and central governments. We have a very effective method has been developed to quickly reach a NORA / GEMMA architecture, where the NUP building blocks are realized. with Enable-U Quick Scan creates a shepherd ‘list / soll’ analysis in a short time and sets out a path to make great strides forward quickly. We also offer advanced Enable-U 2Govern Suite for MidOffice. A rapidly growing number of customers in the Dutch public sector benefit from this:

These clients in the government rely on us for the highest quality and speed of service:

For more information about the Enable U | Solutions,
please contact the Amsterdam HQ.