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QIY-Foundation_blog-juni-2017Integration Specialist Enable-U Member Qiy Foundation

Frank Arts and Kees Neven founded Enable-U over ten years ago. This Amsterdam based IT company has now become the leading integration specialist in the Netherlands. Kees Neven: “We serve large companies and government organisations. We aided almost half of all Dutch municipalities with smart integrations and well-secured information flows across the boundaries of systems, locations and organizations.”

Frank Arts explains: “Government services can be greatly improved: better integration leads to cooperation and a better society in general. It is about secure data access. I believe that we can protect the privacy-sensitive information better, while at the same time reuse data much more. Integration does not have to be a bottleneck, but it can lead to new, valuable opportunities.”

“An important part of the digitisation of government, healthcare and other sectors consists of safely managing and using information about people,” Kees Neven explains. “For both consumers, citizens, patients and business customers, it’s important that you have control over data about you. Make sure that the individual is enabled to provide access to the data in question. Together with Qiy we can add that mechanism to all digital connections.”

Enable-U and Qiy Foundation both attach great importance to digital sharing and privacy protection. We share an identical way of thinking about collaborating and sharing knowledge. That is why the Qiy Foundation is very pleased with the Enable-U membership. Meanwhile, Enable-U and Digital Me (as the Qiy Trust Framework Operator) work on a number of common propositions.

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