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Enable-U is expanding and our team is growing fast

 Meet the latest additions to the Enable-U team. We are proud to introduce: Marvin Stijweg, Maria Zimakova, Michiel Helder and Gaetano Miranda. Marvin joined the team as Enterprise Account Manager. Maria, Gaetano and Michiel are Integration Consultants.


Marvin Stijweg

Account Manager

My name is Marvin Stijweg. I am 36 years old and live in Leiden. My girlfriend lives in the Northern part of Holland in a province called Friesland.
In my free time I like to spend time outdoors e.g. running, biking, and meeting up with good friends. 
Travelling is another passion of mine and there are still many places to be discovered.

 Due to my interest in human behavior and society I studied development sociology in Leiden with great pleasure.


I started my working career at Cisco and later at Dell in various account managers positions where I could combine my passion for technology and sales. For the above mentioned companies, the focus centered on selling enterprise solutions consisting of servers, storage, networking and associated software. In my role as account manager I have always been focused in thinking along with the customer and finding the best suitable solution possible and I look forward to working with you in the near future!



Gaetano Miranda

Integration Consultant


“I’m 37 and I live with my girlfriend and 9 month old son in Zaandam. After my higher education in Information Technology at the University of Utrecht, I started a company with some friends.

This ship has unfortunately sunk, but the experience has taught me a lot.
I then went to work as a software developer and have worked for various organizations since. After several years of programming it was time for a new challenge. After a brief stop in Healthcare where I worked as an all-rounder in various positions, I was looking for a technical job in a dynamic environment. I found this at Enable-U in the role of Integration Consultant. It is a challenging job in which you get to be creative as well.
My greatest hobby is programming. Other interests of mine include cinema, renewable energy and discussing social development issues, not to mention my passion for salsa dancing. My credo is: if it cannot be done as it should, it should be done as it can, because there is wisdom in experience. Communication is the key to success, in the problem lies its solution.



Maria Zimakova

Integration Consultant


My name is Maria Zimakova and I am from Penza, a city the size of Amsterdam approximately 600KM southeast from Moscow, Russia. I completed my studies in Penza at the State University where I earned my PhD degree in 2001 with a thesis on Document Logical Structure Recognition. I speak English and Russian fluently and Dutch intermediately (but I am studying hard to become fluent!).
For several years now I live in Enschede with my husband and for the last few years I have worked at Perceptive Software, a business unit of Lexmark International. I have over ten years of experience in software development in general and Business Process Management in particular.



Michiel Helder

Integration Consultant

“I am 39, married and father of a beautiful 2.5 year old daughter Sofia. We live in Haren near Groningen, which some might remember from the “Project X” party that made international headlines about 2.5 years ago.

Aside from that crazy day Haren – also known as the Green Pearl of the North – is a very beautiful and peaceful city, which even was named Best Municipality in 2011 and 2012.
I spent a year studying Applied Physics at the University of Twente, but soon realized that this was mostly math and not science and decided to move in a more practical direction. I went on to complete a study in Business Information Technology and Computer Science at the Hanze University in Groningen.
My career so far has mainly been with a single employer, but under different brand names and in varying roles. I started my career in IT in January 1998 at a company which converted COBOL software for the new millennium. With the nw year 2000 approaching, the company shifted the focus of its activities to web hosting and development, as well as collaborating with a local cable company in the Veendam region to provide ISP and cable internet services. At this time I worked as a network and system engineer. Our team later integrated into the main company Vertis, where this role was further expanded and assigned responsibility for the development, maintenance and integration of the management software of our systems. In 2005 the company was acquired by Ordina, where I played the role of Technical Project Manager for the Hosting Solutions team and – in the last two years – worked as Datacenter Architect.


For the past 6 years I am also Chairman of the Global User Community of CA’s Infrastructure Management portfolio. In this role I have direct contact with Product Management team of CA to provide feedback and suggestions on behalf of the more than 4,500 members of the community. ”

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