Enable-U goes Sillicon Valley

Enable-U selected for start-up tour in Silicon Valley organised by Ready2Scale.

Enable-U has intensified relationships in Silicon Valley. Founders Frank Arts and Kees Neven attended a trip that was part of the Ready2Scale program for ambitious IT entrepreneurs. Numerous hot start-ups and promising technology companies were visited and showed eagerness to partner with Enable-U to serve the European, Middle East and African market. Fuelled by the contagious excitement of San Francisco’s finest, Frank and Kees are full of inspiration and have a clearer vision of the path to further success. Their take-away from the Valley: sharing and combining business functions through API’s is going to be key in the future success of every organisation or company. Enable-U is very well positioned to be THE facilitator and knowledge partner in this.

Silicon Valley

As part of a group of 20 entrepreneurs from the Amsterdam region, Enable-U had a crash course in start-up stardom, Silicon Valley style. During the week-long trip to San Francisco, the company’s founders were given the opportunity to meet with some of the hottest start-ups in Silicon Valley and practice their pitch before venture capitalists at the VLAB meetup. Valuable lessons were learned and promising partnerships established.


A few friendly competitors of Enable-U – start-ups such as APIGEE, AppDynamics, Snaplogic and 3Scale – inspired the co-founders and even partnered-up to share knowledge and exchange experiences. Hot topics in the meetings with over twenty local start-ups, involved API analytics and management, application performance management and Big Data analytics.


“A very inspiring take away from our trip has to be the openness and unguardedness of the local start-ups and their entrepreneurs”, comments Kees Neven, Co-Founder of Enable-U. He continues: “Entrepreneurs in the Netherlands have a tendency to be closed communicators when it comes to their business or the way they go about things. Solely for the fear of being ‘robbed’ from a good idea.” Co-Founder Frank Arts adds: “It was a refreshing experience to be able to discuss business in detail and receive feedback, tips and tricks from entrepreneurs in the same line of business and in a similar situation. In San Francisco they definitely favour knowledge sharing over relatively small personal successes. A mind-set that enables steep learning curves and sector-wide growth.” Arts concludes: “In Europe we could learn a lot from the way Silicon Valley is redefining what it means to be an entrepreneur in this day and age. And it fits perfectly with our vision of sharing and combining business value between companies. It’s what we enable through automated API’s!”



Ready2Scale is a (customised) program for IT entrepreneurs in the Amsterdam metropolitan area with a scalable product or service and a serious ambition to grow. An initiative of the Amsterdam Centre for Entrepreneurship and the Start-Up Network (SUN) foundation.  The program and mentors of the Silicon Valley tour left little time for the Dutch entrepreneurs to enjoy the sights. In return the privileged few had a once-in-a-lifetime experience, with visits to the headquarters of Google, Citrix, Adobe and Oracle in the world’s IT capital. Not to mention the priceless time they got to spend in 1-on-1 meetings with potential investors, customers and partners.


However, as true Dutchmen they could not simply forget the national team’s World Cup game scheduled that week. Thankfully the delegation was able to watch ‘Oranje’ (the Dutch national soccer team) in action, courtesy of the Dutch Consulate in San Francisco which was also part of the program.

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