All Enable-U solutions ‘as a Service’

Enable-U in the Cloud

Enable-U in the Cloud

Each Enable-U solution is now also available as a Service. This way we enable digital information flows securely from the cloud. Between all possible systems, within and between organizations. All known facilities and connection with systems from the Dutch National Government are centrally offered. We only work with Dutch Datacenters and ensure that data is only processed and stored locally. Obviously, we apply the highest level of security with our Enable-U 2Secure solution and the use of the Digikoppeling standard.

All features of Enable-U 2Secure, Enable-U 2Orchestrate and Enable-U Digikoppeling are already part of Enable-U in the Cloud. We also added Enable-U 2Perform for end-to-end (supply) chain monitoring. This means that you are able to monitor, in real-time, all integrations and connection with all other backoffice providers. The solutions also reports at an early stage when a process or connection to a backoffice system does not perform well.

Several customers are already using “Enable-U in the Cloud”. Zorg-Lokaal uses Enable-U in the Cloud to send all billing information to the Gegevens Knooppunt, the Dutch Municipal Data Node. For the municipality of Terneuzen the Cloud enables its connections to the Basisregistratie Kadaster (BRK), MijnOverheid BerichtenBox and MijnOverheid Lopende Zaken, LV WOZ and CORV. All future connections to (Dutch) Government facilities will be supported.

In fact, Enable-U in the Cloud offers a very complete Integration Platform As A Service (IPaaS), which allows hybrid architectures to be delivered in a very secure way, including all possible connections from cloud to ground and vice versa.

Feel free to contact your account manager for more information about Enable-U in the Cloud.

Enable-U in the Cloud consists of: