Integration As A Service Met Dell Boomi

Enable-U brings ‘Integration as a Service’ to the Dutch public sector with Dell Boomi

integration as a service met Dell BoomiIntegration as a service

Enable-U, integration specialist for the Dutch government, begins sales of Dell Boomi, the cloud integration platform. With the benefits offered by Boomi, organizations can connect and manage all applications – both in the cloud and on premise – quickly and easily without the need of local software, hardware, or specific knowledge. Dell Boomi is an integral part of the overall cloud service offered by Enable-U. Through this offering, public authorities, public sector chain partners and application providers can organize the full integration project in the cloud themselves, or completely outsource it to Enable-U.

Many local and national authorities will need to create links to the same destinations, for example to the national facility WOZ. With Dell Boomi, the public sector can take advantage of the reusability of integrations and connections. Links can be reused automatically with Boomi and the architecture is fully scalable. The platform is also fully complementary to the entire product portfolio of Enable-U, creating a total solution regarding integration.

Jan-Willem Koppers, Senior Manager, Channel, Boomi, Dell EMEA said

“to us, Enable-U was the ideal party to partner with. They have extensive knowledge and experience with complex integration projects, and focus specifically on the public sector. Due to this expertise they can achieve great results with Dell Boomi.”

Frank Arts, founder and director of Enable-U said

“in the government market, the big movement towards cloud computing has started. The challenge now is to  link all applications, both to and from cloud applications as well as ‘on the ground’. With Dell Boomi we can enable government organisations to do this. By managing integration and its maintenance from the cloud, the pressure on the IT teams in government organisations will decrease and the speed of implementation will increase, lowering management costs. In addition, they can reduce the level of integration knowledge required in-house. We see Dell Boomi as the integration platform as a service market leader, as it is  powerful, simple and user friendly. It is today’s most capable and modern form of integration”.

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