Computable Award nomination

Enable-U COMPUTABLE_AWARD Computable Awards voting open until October 12th

On June 15th Computable announced nominating Enable-U and its partner for a Computable Award in the category Partner projects. The partners that cooperated in the project that received this nomination are Municipality of Leeuwarden and cooperating municipalities, Split ~ Vision, Enable-U, ilionx, ITcube, IT-eye and Microsoft. The project in which these partners have worked together is Single-Point-for-All.

On behalf of all the nominees, we ask you to give your vote for this project. You can vote here: Computable website

About the project Single-Point-for-All

It was an ambition of the municipality of Leeuwarden to realize a single platform for digital work based on Microsoft SharePoint and Lync Server Project. Leeuwarden is also a Shared Service Center for several neighboring (island) municipalities. The municipality has not only streamlined the data flow within the municipality itself, but they have also connected with the outside world. Partners and governmental services are alrady connected to the digital platform. In 2016 the Single Point of Truth will expand into back-office applications.

Single-Point-for-All is at the center of the architecture of Leeuwarden. The plan is to have completed configuration in July or August 2015, after the first 1,000 employees are connected to the platform.

Press Release

Read more (in Dutch) about this partnership and the project in Leeuwarden.