Enable-U is your integration partner

create value unleash potential


We provide you with value chain integration, hybrid and cloud integration, local integration between applications, security and flexibility for your digital transformation.

We provide Integration as a Service, from the Cloud, on-Premises or with hybrid architecture.

For over 15 years, Enable U offers expertise in application integration. From simple connectivity to full lifecycle API Management.  We turn integration from a difficult hurdle into your greatest business enabler.

With “Connections as a Service” you are able to safely get data in the right place at the right time, to create the best possible services.

The number of integrations will explosively increase the coming years,
because of the digitation of services, the rise of Internet of Things and
increasingly far-reaching integration of value chains.

You no longer have to choose expensive software or educate people in very specialized integration knowledge.

We have lots of experience, a very dedicated work force, ISO certified,
rock solid work processes and we use the most advanced software.

We implement your integrations quickly and safely. We will manage and monitor them to keep it all working smoothly.

Enable U 2Connect: Connections as a Service, for a fixed price per month.

You simply subscribe to a functioning, safe connection. And we take care of it.

For more information about the Enable U |  Solutions,
please contact the Amsterdam HQ.